Hello, and thank you for visiting our site. We are primarily set up to create publishable photography (from creative concept to end-use) for five segments of the industry: products, corporate, portraits, model portfolios and fashion.

Our commercial work is primarily centered around the fashion industry: jewelry;  eye, hair and skin products and accessories. This work would typically incorporate the use of models but all product shots can be done stand-alone or co-merged. As stated in our fashion section, we can shoot to meet most any end-uses you have from magazine ads, to billboards, to displays and brochure/catalogs. We do require the customer provide us with end-use needs so that we can provide the best possible file size to achieve the necessary output.

Our strength is in advertising concepts and visual marketing. Products sell for many reasons but an emotional connection between purchaser to product is hugely important. A properly executed visual concept will certainly go a long way in touching the emotions of the buyer and convincing him/her to purchase your product.  All products can be presented in a manner that makes them appealing. A concept can be simple or it can be complex, but whatever approach you take, it needs to connect with your buyer. This is where our expertise are best applied: to help you sell your product.

From concept to execution, we are capable and excited to walk the same path with you to produce an advertisement that surpasses your competition and increases your market share.

We are focused and interested in developing and shooting advertising campaigns for the fashion and hi-fashion industry as well as commercial work for related industries. We have a great deal of experience with Photoshop, extraction and post processing. All of our work is in-house and set up to create a unique advertising and print look for your lines and products that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Our goal is to provide the highest quality visual solution that gives our customers a unique advertising campaign,  helping to separate your lines from all of the new worldwide competition you are facing.

We profile and provide in-house color corrections to achieve final file use to whatever media source you need: RGB to CMYK conversions; tiff conversions or web-site ready image correction. We also can provide printing services for in-house displays or event displays. The finished image can also be printed for in-house use, fully matted and framed, or simply baseboard backed – always of the highest quality. Images are printed on Hahnemuehle and Crane Fine Art archival papers using Epson printers. All work, except for the most extreme sizes, are done here with the highest quality products available today.

We are also set up to shoot dramatic and creative personal and family portraits. Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, musician or other professional a portrait should allow your personality and professionalism to show.  After all, the first impression you make, may well be an image of you on your website or in an advertisement and that first impression could be critical to attracting clients to your services.

We can do head shots, 3/4 body shots or full environmental shots for executives, attorneys, doctors and other professional and commercial clients. We also do: artistic fashion, fashion, artistic glamor,  executive portraits as well as standard and creative portraits for artists, musicians, fashion designers, hi-end boutiques and other creatives. Regardless of your profession we can design a portrait that separates you from your competition.

If you look through our site and find yourself interested in having something a little different than the standard “sit and shoot” portrait please let us know.

Our medium format work is done with a Hasselblad H3d-50. This system allows for incredible clarity, dynamic range and printing size, all important characteristics of full page layouts and large in-house or in-store displays. Nothing beats with  large data files and large sensors for ultimate end use control.

All of the pieces: composition, creativity, lighting, cameras, lenses and skills add up to bringing you the very best image that is possible today. Images that you will enjoy and impress with for a lifetime.

Please call if you have any further questions.  828-301-3844

GD Whalen